the printing process

take a look at our state of the art printing process

The Paper

A photograph's quality is only as good as the paper it is printed on. We use both high-gloss and semi-gloss paper which has been sourced for the highest saturation of pigments meaning each print will have the greatest clarity and color range.

the inks

Our earth photographs provide a stunning range of colors that are beyond vibrant. We use inks that capture this spectacular range and wont fade over time.

the metallic powders

Aluminum powders are added to the inks which emulsify into the pigments and add a richness to the shadows of the image creating depth within the print. The metallic powders also reflect light from the highlights of the image back into the eye making the print seem almost self luminous.

our team of printing experts

meet the team who create our prints 

using state of the art equipment

Our team uses an array of machines and technologies to process and prepare images for printing. Each earth print is slightly different in color range and our team calibrates our machines to ensure the best settings for each image.

quality control

We guarantee the highest quality of print and our team of printers combs each print for mistakes and irregularities. If your print is not up to our standards it is printed again and again until we get it right.

Packaged with care

see how our shipping and packaging ensure a safe trip

made to order

all of our prints are made by hand and to order. This means we do not sit on stock, saving the environment and ensuring a higher degree of quality control for every print leaving our studio.

packaged with care

Your order is always packaged for best defense against shipping damages. Unfortunately, "re-entry" is not always smooth and damages can occur. If any part of your order is damaged during transit we will replace your order no questions asked! 

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